KYC Policy

Benefits -

  • Access to Premium Gears.
  • Delivery at your shoot locations.
  • Cashback up to 30%.
  • Low Booking amount @ 10%. No Cancellation charges.
  • No need of Security Deposit.
  • Priority Bookings & Availability
  • Book Multiple Dates and get instant discount up to 20% &  Cashback up to 30%.


Are you a KYC Verified Member!

Upgrade your Renting experience by becoming a Verified Member of our Community & Avail Multiple Benefits & Rewards.


Access to Premium Gears

Become a Verified User & have Access our wide range of Premium Camera Rental, Exclusively available for You. We ensure you to provide premium quality and well-maintained Camera Gears.


Delivery & Pickup.

Become our Verified Member & Get Your Camera Gear delivered to your Doorstep or Shoot Location at a minimal Delivery Cost.


Book Multiple Dates & Save up to 50%.

Have multiple bookings -  Book Your Camera Equipment for multiple dates and get up to 20% instant off & up to 30% Cashback on all Bookings.


Cashback Up to 30%

KYC Verified Members will avail the benefit of Cashback & Loyalty Programme. Guaranteed Cashbacks on every transaction.


Low Booking amount @ 10%. No Cancellation charges. No Security Deposit

Don’t want to lose your wallet before it becomes Heavy. We ensure you Lowest Booking Amount with No Cancellation Charges & No Security Deposit.


Priority Bookings & Availability

We ensure you to that last minute deals and availability as well.


Upload Your Documents.

Want to avail the benefits of our KYC & Membership programme, Just upload a few documents and become a verified member of our Camera Rental Community.

Note - We want that there should be a Header Title Field with a good background image.

All the other paragraph section will be a wide boundary with different colour pallets but the 7th Paragraph will be in a good Photography related Background.

To mention 7th Paragraph will have a button which lets the user go to the KYC Tab in USER PROFILE.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions-

A.) KYC & Benefits


1.) Why KYC?

     KYC is a One-Time Verification Process.

     Renting photography equipment on a regular basis and having problems with quality standards and availability. Getting KYC verified helps us to ease the problem of Verification and boosts the process of renting every time.


2.)  Benefits of KYC -

      Access to Premium & Quality Gears.

      Door-Step Delivery  & Pickup.

      Cashback up to 30%.

      No Cash Security Deposit.

      Book Multiple Dates and get instant discounts up to 20%.


B.) Documents, Process & Verification

       1.) How to become a KYC Verified Member:

           The process is Simple & Easy. You just need to Sign Up / Login to your Acc and Needs to Upload your Documents in KYC Tab. A formatted contract will be uploaded  later on from our side which needs to be signed with the copy of documents and uploaded to us later on.


       2.) What Documents do I need to Submit:

            Scanned Copy of Cancelled Cheque. [ Hover { Hover should show an image of a Cancelled Cheque and the Text Should Say: Cancelled cheque should be of a customer acc, not anyone else.}]

            Aadhar Card. [ Hover should show an example image of Aadhar Card Front and Back and KYC Tab will also have two fields to upload an Aadhar Card as Front & Back  & a Field to Enter Aadhar Card No.]

            Clear Self Photograph - [A tab to upload a clear photograph of self in KYC Tab.}

            Email ID & Contact Details -


       3.) How long does the process take :

           Once you are done with upload it takes us 2-3 Working Days to Verify a Person, Create a Contract and get it Signed.


       4.) Do I need to pay any money :

            Yes, you need to transfer a sum amount of Rs. 49 in order to Verify Your Woking & Live Acc. We accept Cancelled Cheque of the same Acc to verify.

            You will get this amount adjusted automatically in your first order.


C.) Rental & Address Issues

      1.) Can I rent equipment without KYC -

           Yes, you can rent equipment without going through the process of KYC, but needs to Submit Cancelled Cheque and Aadhar Card everytime you rent some equipment.             Also, Cashback is valid only for KYC Verified Customers.


       2.) Do I need to be the resident of Delhi or Mumbai only?

            No, not necessarily. You can have a permanent residence in any city but one should be residing currently in any of two cities or have someone from this city who can                introduce them.


       3.) What are my liabilities -

          KYC is a process to verify our customers, there is no any Annual Fee or Liabilities. We ensure a Hassle Free Renting Experience.



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