About Us

RentOclicK.com (formerly rentoclick.com) is the one of the best online rental provider for photography, videography, lighting equipment and accessories in India. RentOclicK.com (formerly rentoclick.com) is well known for dedication and Commitment towards services to customers across Delhi/NCR and also provides in-person pickups and returns to the customers.

Founded in 2017 by Mr Chetan Kumar, In a medium to ease the renting of equipments for Photographers, Cinematographers and the media Industry, RentOclicK.com (formerly rentoclick.com) has grown from a one-man operation in a spare bedroom to a company with team of experienced professionals who are dedicated towards providing best and hassle free services for all your renting needs. The Team of employees, experienced photo and video technicians, and the best customer service representatives in the industry makes us the best available option.

RentOclicK.com (formerly rentoclick.com) serves thousands of photographers and videographers annually, always while maintaining the values of our founder – share the best available equipment at its optimum quality, and educate and provide support to our customers to ensure they can achieve their goals regardless of experience level.

We carry camera bodies and lenses almost in every format from every major manufacturer, and all the audio, lighting and support accessories needed to cover any kind of shoot, from a family holiday card to a commercial advertising job. All equipment available with us are frequently inspected for Technical errors to avoid any issues to the user.

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