Cancellation Policy

We understand plans change, and sometimes you may need to cancel a rental. If you need to cancel, the first step is to let us know.

Cancellations can be disruptive for both renters and owners, so In cases we need to impose penalties.

If the Cancellation Issue is from our Side, We will prefer to provide you with the best available alternative so that your plans don’t suffer. If the things don’t work out, Then the entire booking amount shall be refunded within 7 working days.

If the Booking Cancellation is from your Side, Following penalties shall be imposed on the booking amount:

15 days Prior 25% of Booking amount
10 days Prior 50% of Booking amount
05 days Prior 75% of Booking amount
02 days Prior NO REFUND of Booking Amount

The remaining amount shall be refunded to you with 7 working days.

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