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Extra Battery On Rent

  • 0-1 Day Rs. (200 )
  • 2-4 Days Rs. (175 )
  • 5-7 Days Rs. (150 )
  • 8 Days ++ Rs. (140 )
Price is For 1 Day
& Pay Rest Later
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Product Description

Extra Battery is available for rent in Delhi NCR. Rento Click is a One Stop Solution for all your Rental Needs.  We Provide a wide Range of Videography Support Equipment.


1 Extra Battery

Technical Specifications-

An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices.

Rent-O-Click offers a wide range of Gimbal & Support EquipmentLights & FlashesAudio & Video Recordings Devices on rent.  

Terms & Conditions

Site - Pickup  - This Product is available for Site - Pickup.

Site - Delivery - You need to book the product 2 days prior.  

Site Pickup Actual Address, Contact Details, and a Map Link will be provided to you in your Invoice. In case You need Delivery(charges extra), Please contact on the number provided. 

Documents Required & ID Verification.

We will take any 2 ID's (Original) for Verification whereas, Aadhar Card is mandatory.

Valid Documents - 

  • Voter Card
  • Driving License 
  • Passport (No Aadhar card required)
  • Local Residence Proof

Security Deposit -

We will take a Post Dated Cheque of the Replacement Value of the Product and Aadhar Card and a Valid ID. 

Security deposit does not include rent. It takes care of damages, loss or mishandling (if any). Post Dated Cheque will be handed over to you as soon as you return the product (without Damage).

Product Availability Check - 

Please ensure availability of products for booking that Starts less than 24 Hours on the Contact Above Provided.


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